2021 Mite 4v4 Tournament

Sunday, Apr 25, 2021

Time: 2:00pm - 9:00pm

• 4 Game Guarantee. Some teams will play back to back games.
• Line changes on the fly.
• Teams must provide their own jerseys. Pull overs will be provided if two teams have the same color.
• Minor penalties will be resolved with a penalty shot.
• Major penalties, fighting or any team misconduct on or off the ice will result in disqualification from remainder of tournament.
• Playoff positions defined by 1)Total Points 2) Head to Head 3) Most Wins 4) Goal differential 5) Least goals against 6) Most Goals Scored 7) Coin Toss
• If 3 or more teams tie presents itself then the following will decide playoff positions 1) Head to Head if all teams played each other 2)Most Wins 3) Goal differential 4) Least goals against 5) Most Goals Scored 6) Coin Toss
• Ties are allowed in round robin games.
• 2 pts for a win, 1 pt. for a tie, 0 points for a loss
• Playoff games ending in a tie game will be resolved by a 3-minute running time sudden death overtime, followed by a shootout if still tied. Shootout will be won with the first unchallenged goal. Home team shoots first.
• No Coaches or Parents allowed on the ice or benches. Except for Mites (only 1 Coach/Parent allowed)
• Maximum of 8 skaters and 1 goaltender per team (all teams must have their own goalie)
• 2-minute warm-up, 1-minute break between periods. Games are 20 minutes-two 10- minute running time periods.
• All teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled time.
• Tournament Director(s), Chris Green and Mark Beaufait will have final say on any issues.
• All USA Hockey Rules will be followed.

USA Hockey Sanction #: MIT2176772878

Please be aware that a $10.02 online Paypal fee will be added to the team registration fee if paying online.
Checks are accepted for registration fees as well, if you don't want to pay online.

Please Note:
When signing up below, the registration form asks for "First Name, Last Name and Email" at the beginning. Those entries are for the teams contact (typically team manager or the coach).

Event Location

Patterson Ice Arena
2550 Patterson Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Event Fees:

Registration by Paypal $ 335.02

Registration by Check $ 325.00

Registration is closed for this event.

For more information or questions, please email:


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